BARKER, Percival Sydney

South Staffordshire. 10 December 1917

Percy Barker lived in Amblecote and was a server at Holy Trinity, Amblecote. He worked as a glasscutter at Messrs. Thomas Webb and Sons He enlisted in 1916 in the Staffords Territorials and joined the 2/6th Battalion. They were sent to Ireland in April 1916 to maintain order after the Easter Rising and then moved to the Western Front. In September 1917 they entered the Third Battle of Ypres for the struggle around Wieltje and suffered heavily. On the 24th November they moved to Artois and into the front line after the remarkable success of the first days of the battle of Cambrai. However, the German counter-attack of the 30th was fierce and in Bourlon Wood the South Staffords were subjected to a merciless barrage of both high explosive and mustard gas shells. Losses were very high and many men were taken to military hospitals suffering from gas poisoning. It is likely that Private Percy Barker was among them as he was taken to the military hospital near Boulogne where he died on the 10th December. He is buried in Etaples Military Cemetery and commemorated on the Amblecote and Amblecote church Memorials. Memorial Notice. ‘From his loving mother and brother’ We cannot, Lord, thy purpose see But all is well that is done by thee.

Commemorated at:

Amblecote War Memorial Arch

Amblecote War Memorial Arch

STOURBRIDGE FOOTBALL AND CRICKET CLUB Amblecote Dudley West Midlands England, DY8 4HN

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