CASE, Sidney Foley

Royal Air Force. 22 August 1918

Sidney Case was the son of Frederick and Elizabeth Case of 161 Wolverhampton Street, Dudley, and was educated at Halesowen Grammar School. He volunteered for the Royal Flying Corps and trained as a fighter pilot. He was stationed at 29 Training Depot Station at Beaulieu, Hants but was involved in a fatal flying accident on the 22nd August 1918. He was flying Sopwith Camel F4180 when it went out of control and dived into the ground. Second Lieutenant Sidney Case was killed in the accident and his body was brought home to Dudley. He was 19 years of age and is buried in Dudley Cemetery (A 386) and commemorated on Dudley and The Earls School Memorials.

Commemorated at:

Halesowen Grammar School - Earls High School

Halesowen Grammar School - Earls High School

Halesowen Grammar School - Earls High School

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