Labour Corps. 04 November 1918

James Holden was the son of Edward and Leah Holden and the husband of Maria Holden of 78 Stourbridge Road, Lye. He volunteered for the Worcesters in 1914 but was later transferred to the Labour Corps. He was sent to the 684th Company which was fighting in France in 1918. He suffered sickness or injuries, possibly during one of the German Spring offensives in 1918. He returned home for recovery but died of pneumonia on the 4th November 1918. He was 28 years of age and is buried in Lye and Wollescote Cemetery (C G 30) and is commemorated on the Lye and Wollescote and Lye church Memorials.

Commemorated at:

Stourbridge Lye and Wollescote

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Lye / Wollescote Cemetery, Stourbridge West Midlands, United Kingdom

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