JONES, Harry Firmstone

Worcestershire. 30 October 1914

Harry Firmstone Jones was born in Stourbridge and later moved to the Woodside area of Dudley. He had enlisted in the Worcesters, possibly at the time of the Boer War, and was still in the Reserve in 1914. He joined the 3rd Battalion in the British Expeditionary Force at Aldershot and was with them when they crossed the Channel on the 12th August. Ten days later they were facing the German armies approaching Mons but were forced into the arduous ten days retreat to the Marne. There they took part in the decisive action in halting the German march to victory. They then turned about and advanced as far as the river Aisne where the line stabilized on the wooded sides of the river valley. The German offensive resumed in October and the Allies were faced by a huge pincer attack around Ypres and La Bass?e, designed to force the British forces back on the Channel. The enemy strength was great and British forces suffered many casualties near Armenti?res on the 13th October. At dawn on the 21st came another fierce German attack. It was a confusing battle in early morning mist but the Worcesters' line was held. Again the losses were heavy and Private Harry Jones was seriously wounded, He died on the 30th October and is buried in B?thune Town Cemetery (III A 26) and commemorated on the Dudley and Woodside Memorials.

Commemorated at:

Dudley St. Augustine, Holly Hall

Dudley St. Augustine, Holly Hall

ST AUGUSTINES CHURCH,Stourbridge Rd,Dudley,West Midlands,England

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