JONES, Thomas H

Worcestershire. 21 August 1917

Thomas Jones was the son of Richard Jones of 32 Cherry Street, Gig Mill, Stourbridge. He attended Hill St. Council School and was employed at 'Ballarat', Stourbridge. He enlisted in the Worcester Territorials and joined the 1/8th Battalion in France in July 1916. The battalion was soon engaged on the Somme and in the Spring of 1917 followed the enemy as they retreated to the Hindenburg Line. Then came the Third Battle of Ypres and the August battle of Langemarck. This was another costly contest between German forces in strong-points backed by heavy firepower and machine guns against British troops attacking over virtually open country. The target for the 1/8th on the 19th August was a farm turned into a fortress, the Maison du Hibou, just the other side of the Steenbeek, scarcely more than a stream. The 1/7th had already attempted to reach this target but had failed. The 1/8th were then asked to attack with the help of seven tanks. Higher Command still regarded tanks as unproven weapons, but this time success was achieved and the Maison du Hibou was taken in a rapid action starting at dawn. The cost was 2 officers and 19 men killed. Among the seriously wounded was Thomas Jones. He was sent back immediately to a Casualty Clearing Station at Dozinghem where he died the next day. Lance Corporal Thomas Jones was 24 years of age and is buried at Dozinghem Military Cemetery (IV I 17) and commemorated on the Stourbridge, St. Thomas's church and Greenfields School Memorials.

Commemorated at:

Stourbridge Mary Stevens Park

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Mary Stevens Park, Stourbridge, West Midlands, United Kingdom

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