BADGER, William G.

William Badger lived at 63 South Road, Stourbridge, and attended Enville Street Council School. He enlisted in the Worcesters and joined the 11th (Service) Battalion, but it was likely that he had previously served as a regular soldier before 1914. He had been promoted to Sergeant by 1917. After a brief time on the Western Front the Worcesters were sent to assist Greece against the Bulgarian invasion of 1915. They landed to defend Salonika, but the Bulgarian attack did not materialise. In July 1916 the 26th Division was ordered to attack the Bulgarians at Doiran. The attack soon halted and the next few months were spent on the steep ridges and wooded ravines overlooking the lake. No attempt was made to break the stalemate until the next year. On April 24th the Worcesters advanced across the Joumeaux Ravine and up the steep Scabbard ridge in a night attack. The Bulgarian mortars and artillery were used to devastating effect and the attack failed with heavy losses. Among the killed in action was Sergeant William Badger who is buried in Karasouli Military Cemetery, Greece (A 193) and commemorated on the Stourbridge, St. Thomas's church and the former Enville Street. School Memorials.

Commemorated at:

Stourbridge Enville St. School

Stourbridge Enville St. School

Stourbridge Enville St. School

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