BROWN, John Henry

Worcestershire. 06 May 1915

John Brown was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Brown of Dudley and his wife was Florence Brown who lived at 71 St. James's Terrace, Dudley. He was a pre-war regular soldier who had served in the Boer War and whose period of reserve had expired. He volunteered in 1914 and joined the 4th Battalion who returned from Burma inFebruary 1915. After reorganisation and training they joined the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force and were sent out to Gallipoli. They landed with some difficulty on the 25th April and failed to break through the Turkish resistance in the first Battle of Krithia on the 28t.h. Turkish counter-attacks followed and on the 6th May another attack was made at Krithia. This failed with heavy casualties, and among them was Private John Brown. He was 33 years of age and is commemorated on the Helles Memorial and on the Dudley and St. James church, Dudley, Memorials.

Commemorated at:

Dudley Clock Tower

Dudley Clock Tower

Town Hall, Priory Street, Dudley

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