RAWLING (Rawlins), Ishmael

Worcestershire. 10 August 1915

Ishmael Rawlins lived at Cradley and attended Cradley C of E School. He volunteered for the Worcesters in 1914 in response to Kitchener's Appeal and went to the 9th (Service) Battalion. They were in training for nearly a year and were then sent out to Gallipoli to break the stalemate on the peninsula. They landed successfully on the 6th August and attempted to seize the crest of the Sari Bair ridge. Conditions were vastly different from the European war and the Turks were powerful opponents on their own ground and during the high summer of the Mediterranean. The Worcesters were close to the summit by the 10th but were driven off by the defenders. The casualty list was huge and included Private Ishmael Rawlins who was killed in action on this day, possibly in the attempt to seize some wells. He was 43 years of age and is commemorated on the Helles, Cradley, Halesowen and Cradley C of E School Memorials.

Commemorated at:

Cradley CE School

Cradley CE School

Cradley,Dudley,West Midlands,England

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