SLIMM, Thomas

Worcestershire. 14 September 1914

Thomas Slimm was born in Dudley and was a pre-war regular soldier serving in the 2nd Battalion of the Worcesters. He was the first Dudley man to be killed in action in the Great War. The Worcesters were part of the British Expeditionary Force stationed at Aldershot and they mobilized on the outbreak of war. They were in France on the 12th August and moved into Belgium to reach Mons just before the German advance reached the town. They were greatly outnumbered and forced to a gruelling retreat, covering 150 miles in ten days to reach the Marne and beyond. In retrospect, they had halted the great German attack and saved the allies from humiliating defeat A brave advance was theb made to the Aisne and they crossed the river under fire near Vailly. On the wooded slopes of the valley the enemy stood firm and the Worcesters suffered casualties. Among them was Lance Corporal Thomas Slimm who was killed in action on the 14th September. He is commemorated on the La Fert?-sous-Jouarre and Dudley Memorials.

Commemorated at:

Dudley Clock Tower

Dudley Clock Tower

Town Hall, Priory Street, Dudley

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