Stourbridge St. James Wollaston

Belfry Drive, Dudley, DY8 3SE
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Belfry Drive, Dudley, DY8 3SE

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Stourbridge St. James Wollaston

The Wollaston Memorial is situated inside the church of James in a prominent position on the south wall. The names are inscribed in capitals on a large wooden plaque and now include the Second, as well as the First World War. There is a shallow pediment at the top with an oval panel containing the words PRO PATRIA which is flanked by two rose florets. The names of the men of both world wars are listed on four panels in the centre of which is the carved figure of Winged Victory. At the base are the words ROLL OF honour and the dates 1914 and 1918 are inscribed at the corner of the central panels. There are 51 names commemorated for the Great War

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